Resume Writing

Resume writing will help you in getting to the depth of your personality and in writing a resume that will best describe your potential. Such a qualitative resume would definitely reserve excellent interview calls for you. It is often the first document admissions personnel read and precisely the only document interviewers see.

The lesson to be learned here is that resumes are first put to use to screen out candidates from further consideration. To keep your resume from screening you out of the running, to make your resume effective, you must do a few basic things right from the beginning in which we will help you totally. Our experts will help you in moulding your resume in a right way.

How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes

  • Do not try to get everything fit on one page by using small fonts.
  • Erroneous company or school listings.
  • Lengthy paragraphs mirroring your experiences.
  • Grammar and Spelling Errors.
  • Not determining a target or goal for the resume.
  • Using passive language, repetitive statements, or the wrong terminology.
  • Avoid writing the heading such as “Resume” or “Curriculum Vitae” because it is not necessary.

Effective Resume Checklist To Survive The Screening

  • Keep it short. The effectual resume is preferably one page, two at the most. It should not be a Novel type resume.
  • Take care to craft a resume with universal appeal so as to at least get to the starting gate.
  • Use the simple format style. Go easy on the bold and the underlining.
  • The effective resume is tailored for a specific position.
  • Delineate yourself as a problem solver.
  • Measure your accomplishments with hard numbers whensoever’s possible.
  • Don’t mention private information.
  • Must write your present phone number and address.
  • No need to send a reference sheet with your resume.
  • Omit career objective statement.
  • A mainstream student resume would have education first followed by work experience.
  • Check again and again for spelling mistakes. Don’t ever submit a resume or post it online without doing a spell check. In fact, take it a step further and have one or two friends or colleagues look over the resume for spelling and grammar difficulties because an automated spell check program will not know whether you meant to say “dear” or “deer.” Both are spelled correctly but mean totally different things.

No need to worry at all, BrainEdge Education will help you in making your resume acceptable. Our experts will help you in drafting your resume according to the standards of the international universities. You just have to tell us about your education, work experience, extra-curricular engrossments, interests and achievements. Then our experts will help you to draft your resume and make it best among the others.